Warpflow V1

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Get ready to UNLEASH your mind! The information presented here will provide you with the tools you need to complete your electronic music productions. Revisit your archives of unfinished tracks and put the techniques you know together in a logical progression while following a plan designed to meet your goals. If you follow this guide, you’ll start from a clean slate and work your way to a finished track in just 10 days!

"Warpflow helps you get prepared, centered, and focused for producing music."

-Jim Stout, Sound Designer/Music Producer

DAY 1: Pre-Gaming

DAY 2: Gather Samples and Sounds

DAY 3: Build a Beat

DAY 4: Create a Melody

DAY 5: Add Bass

DAY 6: Harmony

DAY 7: Arrange/Expand

DAY 8: Add FX/Automation

DAY 9: Mixing

DAY 10: Mastering

Notes on V1: This was the edition that was originally published by Beatport back in 2012. The information represents many core ideas of music production that are still relevant today in 2020. I wrote this book after completing the Logic Pro Course with The Rogue Element and Danny J Lewis at Point Blank Online. The big picture I saw when completing that month-long course was the breakdown and separation of processes in creating a track. I used this as the 10-day foundation of the book. 

The Point Blank Course was an excellent course and many of those techniques I learned are passed on through the book. The wisdom passed on by The Rogue Element and Danny J Lewis has influenced my production techniques for the better throughout the years. Be sure to check them out on YouTube on Danny's channel https://www.youtube.com/user/musicprotutorials and Ben's SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/benmedcalfmusic

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Warpflow V1

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